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11x11 cm Tiles - Plus

More Mexico: Our Mexiko 4 U 11x11 Tiles Plus
With Plus we mean our Premium Tiles are more solid, stronger and regular sized than the traditional Mexican tiles (in any format, 10x10, 15x15 or 5x5). Our 11x11 premium tiles from Mexico are of a higher quality, thanks to the special clay mixture and production; they are less porous and have regular sides and edges, thus making them easier to combine with other comercial tiles. This mexican tiles offer higher Premium-Quality paired with the handpainted designs from a mexican workshop, which will be a sure eye catcher in any house.
In this category you will find these wonderful Mexico-Tiles in format 11 x 11cm in a variety of colors and patterns: Whether simple one color matte or shiny, or colorfully patterned in a colonial style, as a border, mini mosaic, blue and white, or flowers and figures, each one is well worth it. As opposed to our traditional mexican tiles, we offer other pattern varieties, as well as other unicolor (single color) variations like Lake green or Aquamarine.

Our Mexican Premium Tiles as the traditional style tiles, bring the Mexican sunshine with their warm tones and colors and a mediterranean ambiance directly in your home: between simple commercial tiles as an original eye catcher, as a cheerful colorful tile painting in Mexican style, as a discreet border over single colored tiles, as a mini mosaic, as a cornice or ledge for your chimney, door or window frame. There are no borders to what you can do with them with your own fantasy and creativity. As coasters, to decorate furniture or as an element in individual mosaic projects, our charming mexican Plus tiles raise the note. Whereever they are placed, whether in kitchens, bathrooms, in interiors or greenhouses, in walls or furniture, they will always be an eye catcher, garanteed. In our Foto Gallery, you can admire what some of our clients have done and created with our wonderful tiles.

The long way from Mexico to us in Vienna
Our high quality Mexico Tiles Premium are produced in a Mexican work shop, which are decorated and colored with craftful hands. The category of patterned mexican decorative tiles are additionally decorated with traditional Mexican motives like flowers, figures, and geometric paterns, or in classical blue and white style. These artistic clay tiles are painted with enamel and afterwards cooked at a high temperature, thus leaving the work shop with these warm colors. The end product from this finishing process are at the end our original Tiles from Mexico, the Mexican Azulejos, which we import directly from Mexico and offer proudly at our store in Vienna. They are literally a brilliant piece of Mexican ceramic art, which can bring diversity to your four walls as decorative tiles. With our Online Tile Planner you can let your imagination loose, to create your own personal design and combinations.
Bring a piece of Mexican Design in your Home!

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