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Matrimonial Hammock

Our Matrimonial Hammocks, weight only 1,20 Kg but can carry up to 250 Kg, making them ideal for 2 or 3 persons.
The laying area is 210 cm long and at least 170 cm wide. With this width this hammock is ideal to lay down diagonally or across.

Our hammocks are all made in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. The net is hand weaved from cotton and the arms are made of nylon, since nylon can carry more weight. These hammocks are weaved tightly in a fine net, so they contain more strings to carry more weight and to make the in between holes smaller. This makes them more comfortable and resistant; the technique is based in a centuries old hammock weaving tradition of the Mayan people.

The hammocks are light and ideal to travel with or to relax in them on a warm or hot day. Even though they are light, they are very resistant and can carry a lot of weight.

We offer a large variety of models, sizes and color combinations. The color mixtures are indiviually made per hammock. Because this hammocks are hand made, the actual measurements can vary slightly.

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