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Black Clay

Black Clay in Mexico is only produced in Coyotepec, Oaxaca. Aproximately 70% from the population in that town produces such product. They get the clay from a pit that is shared by the community, and only locals can take clay from there.
Working with black clay is very delicate, as opposed to other types of ceramic, because it requires much time in each procedure so that the piece comes out perfect.
Once the clay is extorted from the pit, it must be dried, then made wet again and purify it until it reaches a consistency of plastillin to work with it. The process depends also on the type of piece produced, since in some cases the base is done first and the day after the neck. Once the piece is molded, it is let to dry, then scratched, edged and then cooked in an oven for as many as 10 hours.
In its origin, the color of the pieces was a dull gray, until Doña Rosa discovered a way to give the pieces a shinny black finish. This made this clay more popular and famous.
The use of this black clay today is mainly for decorative purposes.

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